My Gardening Story


Back to the blog after a few months. *liar* lol

Nothing much to share. But now i’m in my semester break. Theres nohing to do. I’m not a type of person who needs to go out and shopping, eat on the restaurant everyday. I really enjoy sitting at home and scrolling Instagram and watching some Korean movies or variety. haha. Beside that the weather now is terribly hot. Yas, I know people will say, “Neraka is more hot than now kay” *sheeshhhhh* I don’t like that type of person.

My mom had a minor operation on her right hand. So, i’ll be the one who drives her wherever she need to go. That’s nice what. Having a good talks in the car,went into the massive jammed on the road and by that way you can express your love to your mother more right. hehehe

At my house, we have like a huge *huge ke?* backyard. On that side my mom have her coconut tree, lime tree, papaya tree, pandan tree, sugarcane tree and etc. There’s too many, i’m too lazy to named it. But you just named it, you can get it from my mom backyard.

My eyes were stinging to see that the grass were growing too much on the backyard. So I make a decisions that I must clean up the backyard before my semester break is finished. Start from last week i’ve been doing it. I must do it. We did hire a guy to cut all ther trees and all. But the next day he didn’t came to our house. No other choice la kan? I have to do by myself.

Start with burning all the trees trunk and I slowly start to remove the grass using my BAREHAND. Huwahahahahahaha. Back and forth my hand was like a machine now. Grab grab grab and put aside. Grab grab grab and put aside. IMAGINE THAT FELLAS!!!! But thank God. I didn’t stop doing it everyday. If I stop for a day, the next day, I won’t do it. I start being lazy. hahaha

Until this evening, about 50% is done. But today, my hand feel like burning. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. If not, i’ll be done that part. but I leave it. HAHAHAHHA. *such a lazy girl*

So, can I finished doing my mom backyard before my class start next week?

Salute to myself if I can. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

I’m going to sleep although it’s early now. I’m tired lah!



the day

Yes, today is the day.

I was waiting for the text message for a couple days.


He’s been busy for a couple days, so I decided to leave him alone with his work.

So this morning he text me.

And my reaction when I read the text is



Got to go now. Will write back tonight.

Here’s = Imagination by Shawn Mendes


This Feeling

Do you remember the day that i wrote in blog about someone that I’ve been missing before?

You know what? I’ve met him last week.




We met at his house.

There’s something that my family need from him.


Well, stop it.

So, we did talk. Making an eye contact, even though he asks me to buy some mineral water for him.


HAHA I keep smiling when I’m thinking about it. LOL

Even when I’m driving this morning, I keep smiling and my day starts very well.

Talks, Laugh together the moment that I’ve missed so much.

We spent some time to talk with. I can’t describe my feelings.

But I’m happy as we’ve start to make a comeback (haha) No, I mean that we already make a contact through the family meeting.

So after this, both of us will smile to each other when we met, no matter where, by passing our cars, by meeting in the supermarket or else, smile is a must.


Let me enjoy this moment for a while.


So I end my posts with Don’t be so hard on yourself by Jess Glynne


Hi. I feel good after I’ve talk with my nephew about what I have been thinking and what I feel in that kind of situation. Seriously, I don’t know what he will think about me. But I am curious too. Any of my readers have a suggestion about this kind of situation and how to face it. Lol. I’m a tough person on outside, but inside, I am too weak. Haha

I’m too tired to write much, but I’ll write more in the next post. Hehe. Good night guys.



Hi. I’m back after a few months. Haha. Kind of busy with my new life and all things that I have to do. Well, I’m back with a new hope after I’ve been controlling myself and keep telling myself that I have to move on to the another step. Well you know, just like having a bad experience that makes my past life feel terrible. It’s already one year and half I think. I’ve been thinking of those shits. And now, I’m going to start a new life with a new spirit and joy. Let all your enemies jealous at you, that what I’ve told myself.

These two days, I’ve keep thinking of someone. That someone I’ve been close before, and now we’re behaving like, me and you were a stranger. When we saw each other, we’re keep feeling that we were never being friend before. But after that, I just realize that…………………………………….why am I being like this. It has been so many time.

He’s the one I know the most and we have been sharing our story of life together once. In 2006/2007 I think. He’s the one who keep myself beside him and protect me like his baby sister. His entire friend knows me well. Because I’m always with him when he met his friends. And after 2008/2009 both of us didn’t make a contact. Everything. Phone calls, messaging, we’re not even having whats app or Facebook yet. Wait, I do have a Facebook, but he didn’t have it. LOST.

I do met him at his Eid Al-Fitr open house every year, but just like I said, we’re STRANGERS. He does talk with my sister and my BIL. I was there though. *cries*

We didn’t have a relationship like other couples, but we’re friends that both of us can go with the flow. No matter what happened, we’re stick together. That was 8/9 years ago. Yes, I do miss to talk with him. But I just can’t. These two days I came back from class in the evening, I’ve been waiting to see him. But nothing.

*I type this entries with a tears on my face*

I left all this thing to Allah, and keep du’a to Allah, I’ll ask to Allah, send my regards and my love to him. May Allah grant us to Jannah and may Allah give me some strength to keep on living.

I thank you Allah.

I just miss him.

I need to talk with him.

Just a “Hi” to him.



I have died everyday waiting for you

Darling don’t be afraid

I have loved you

For a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more

And all along I believed

I would find you

Time has brought your heart to me

I have loved you

For a thousand years

I’ll love you for a thousand more